Hill are promoting the site for a new residential development. Our current masterplan provides for up to 77 high quality new homes in the village. Danbury Hill Masterplan The scheme will comprise a mix of housing typologies to accommodate the demand of the local community; the scheme will be policy compliant with Chelmsford City Council and will look to deliver affordable homes of varying tenure types. The development will be framed around a newly created area of public open space located centrally on the site. The site extends to approximately 3.35 hectares (8.3 acres) and currently comprises arable farmland, located outside of, but adjacent to the village development envelope.


  • High Quality Landscaped Areas of Open Space
  • ‘Village Green’ type development centred around retained tree belt
  • Providing majority of identified housing need on a single site with no opportunity for phased expansion
  • Retention and enhancement of existing landscaped boundaries
  • Protection of existing residential properties through layout strategy
  • Softening of development envelope by utilising varied density across the site
  • Views into the proposal and inviting interest into the scheme

  • Existing residential properties, to be protected by layout parameters & strategic planting
  • Existing sewer easements across the western boundary to be avoided through development
  • Low Voltage cable running across the site to be relocated
  • Limited Mill Lane highways width to be mitigated by placement of proposed access towards western parcel
  • Views into the site to be mitigated by strategic landscaping & placement of buildings to invite and soften impact of development.

Hill is seeking your feedback on the proposal. At any time, you can let us know what you think by, post or email using the contact details provided.

The Courtyard
Abbey Barns
CB10 1SX

You can also share your thoughts on the proposals using our online feedback form.